Like in Tuscany, only greener

Southern Burgenland is something very special. Super sunny and very green

You have to travel for less than an hour from Eisenstadt or Graz, for example, to experience the vision and the light-heartedness here in southern Burgenland.

Not at all ordinary

The sheer diversity makes you want to stay here

Your eyes can’t help but wander over the gently rolling landscape around Stegersbach with lush green meadows and nature parks. The extensive Southern Burgenland is as varied as the regional products, which are found in the culinary diversity that few other regions in Austria can offer.

Autumn turns the grape vines to bright colours with shimmering grapes. Furthermore, the many Burgenland wine shops and wineries inspire you with culinary delights and a good glass of wine. Here, you can gloriously round off a successful day with the most beautiful sunsets.

Benefiting from the Pannonian Lowlands, the Illyrian climate prevails in southern Burgenland. It is considered a transitional climate between the Mediterranean, Alpine and Pannonian climates, which is characterised by a high number of sunshine hours, with approximately 300 days of sunshine a year.

These are the best conditions for hikers and cyclists. Golfers will find ideal conditions because the sport can be played almost all year round.

Special highlights are the spas and the hotels of the area. They are popular due to their fantastic location and due to the complete holiday they guarantee.

Sun rays from the hotel roof

On the roof of the ALLEGRIA RESORT STEGERSBACH by Reiters

The golf and thermal bath region of Stegersbach is focused on development which is both sustainable for the climate, and which protects the environment. On the roof of the Allegria Resort Stegersbach by Reiters, a 45kWp photovoltaic system was installed and put into operation. “The objective of the responsible tourism operators in the golf and thermal bath region of Stegersbach is to make the region a model example for climate protection and renewable energy. With this project, we make the significance of this development visible for our guests” says engineer Andreas Schneemann, model regional manager.

The system installed on the hotel roof of the Allegria Resort with a surface area of approximately 450 m² and output of 45kWp enables the generation of a regional and sustainable supply of approximately 50,000 kWh of green power. This corresponds to an annual energy usage of approximately 10 four-person households.

The guests can monitor the system parameters via display in the hotel foyer such as, for example, the current level of solar power being generated, the CO2 emissions which have been saved or the monthly and annual performance statistics. In addition to the hotel PV system, photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the golf cart garages in Stegersbach and Neudauberg are currently in preparation. The cart batteries are therefore charged in an environmentally friendly way with the assistance of solar energy.

Stegersbach: a model region for climate and energy
Initiated by the association Stegersbach Tourism, the local government authorities of Bocksdorf, Burgauberg-Neudauberg, Olbendorf, Ollersdorf, Rauchwart, Rohr and Stegersbach joined together in 2013, along with leading businesses from the region, to establish the “Klima- & Energie-Modellregion Thermenregion Stegersbach” (“Climate & Energy Model Region Thermal Region Stegersbach”). Energy efficient and climate protecting projects are realised in the region which help to shape the energy system of the future, and establish the region as an example to others.