Fitness equipment with a Burgenland panorama

In the Fitness room you should put in some effort. Or look out the window.

Normally we don’t tell our guests what they should or should not do. We just make an exception for our fitness room. Not because of the spacious architecture or the efficiency of the exercises given our wide range of equipment. But because you should not miss the magnificent view of southern Burgenland. And if you also stay there and train - good for you!

You can experience both in the Allegria Hotel fitness room.

You ride on the exercise bike and enjoy the panoramic view - a feeling like being outdoors.

The fitness room is equipped with various advanced strength and endurance training equipment. In addition to free weights, cross trainers and treadmills there are also wall bars and stability balls. You will definitely work up a sweat - this is never more desirable as when doing sports.