International cuisine, local ingredients

You don’t like bland food? Good. Our chefs will love you

They also love what they prepare. This can be sampled as part of the full board PLUS, freshly cooked several times a day.

There Burgenland eggs are fried, cakes are baked, cabbage is diced and pasta dough is kneaded - depending on the time of day and buffet theme. However, after a long bath a small snack and refreshing drink will do you good. You can eat this in the thermal snack bar and of course charge this to your room. Our kitchen team loves local and international food equally in all the restaurants. Our guests too.

International dishes are prepared with emphasis on regional products

Although international food is prepared, a very strong emphasis is placed on local produce. For the Hungarian evening buffet, for example, the chicken for our Hungarian paprika chicken from Riegersburg comes from the company Gölles. For the Austrian themed evening, the roast pork loin from happy pigs is supplied by the butcher Schirnhofer.