Blaufränkisch or Cabernet?

Good, if you enjoy wine tasting.

We serve wines from over 30 top winemakers. You can taste our wines or learn more about them: local winemakers introduce themselves on the "Walk of Wine", a circular route on the spa hills.

An afternoon on the Burgenland wine trail can also be quite varied. After such excursions we sometimes recommend “still thermal water” to our guests.

Wine cellar to go!

A fine bottle or two for at home

If you still cannot get enough of the excellent wines, you have the opportunity to buy some good bottles to take home at fair prices in our own wine shop next to reception.

Wine idyll

Southern Burgenland is unique

The climate, landscape and soil conditions are very special in this part of Austria, as are the wines from this region. The southern Burgenland wine idyll may be the smallest territory in Austria’s wine-growing country, but it produces great wines. The small vineyards extend from Rechnitz far into the hills of southern Burgenland. The centre is the Eisenberg and Deutsch-Schützen. Primary rock soils prevail around Rechnitz. Further south there are more medium to heavy clay soils, which have a very high iron content.
The white grapes such as Riesling or Pinot Blanc are elegant and lively and are characterised by their fruitiness. The Blaufränkisch red grape dominates the red wines. You can also find a very particular wine speciality in southern Burgenland, the Uhudler, a wine that is made from direct-producer grapes. The key premise of the winemakers of the wine idyll is to preserve the region’s distinctive typicity so that it stands out from the other regions - not through quantity but through quality and uniqueness.

Well-known winemakers from the area whose wines are also available at the Allegria wine shop:

Family Straka from Rechnitz

Speciality: Gelber Muskateller

Family Schwarz from Burgauberg

Speciality: Uhudler

Family Posch from Eisenberg

Speciality: Blaufränkisch-Rose.

Family Pittnauer from Gols

Speciality : Mythos Pannonia (Cuvee composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zweigelt)