Daiquiri Deluxe, mixed locally

Burgenland bartenders are said to be quite imaginative. Don’t believe it? Try it out!

There are plenty of opportunities for drinking a civilised toast. All day in the welcoming bar or in the evening bar for a pleasant evening spent looking back on the day.

Fancy a cocktail or a fine beer?

The welcoming and evening bars provide that special something for every taste.

Start in a relaxed way: enjoy one of the coffee and tea specialties in the bright atmosphere of the welcoming bar and we also recommend a slice of homemade cake. Or simply soak up the sun on the terrace while reading your favourite book.

Whether a creamy cocktail, a full-bodied Burgenland wine or a tasty cold beer. There is also a fine selection of cigars in the cigar lounge. Which go well with a fine glass of Scotch.