It never rains here. But you will get wet!

With so many pools, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

We wanted to know how many pools fit in a family thermal baths. We came to an impressive fourteen. These include a wave pool and whirlpool, a baby hippo pond and sports area. You really don’t need to write any more. Pools are not there for reading, but to get wet. Find out for yourself by coming here.

Wave pool out of order!


Dear thermal baths guests!

Due to a technical infirmity, the wave pool in our family thermal spa, remains closed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Allegria team

Pools in Allegria Resort Stegersbach

To get your mouth watering at home, here you can get a taste of what to expect in the Allegria family thermal baths.

  • Active pool, thermal 2 33° C
  • Whirlpool, thermal 2 34° C
  • Wave pool, thermal 2 30° C
  • Cascade pools, thermal 2 34° C
  • Sports pool, fresh water & thermal 2 26° C
  • Whirlpool sauna, thermal 2 34° C
  • Plunge pool sauna, fresh water 23° C
  • Snake pool, fresh water 34° C
  • Baby pool, fresh water 34° C
  • Hippo pool, fresh water 34° C
  • Outdoor baby pool, thermal 2 34° C
  • Red children’s pool, thermal 2 30° C
  • Therapy pool, thermal 1 35° C

Pool with thermal water from spring

Feels good

You can find a particular highlight in our Dolce Vita for beauty and massages. There you will find a pool with pure thermal water from spring I. Due to its contents, this “intensive” water is used pure, under supervision (in the bath tubs) and in the therapy pools without “preparation”, only with the legally required flocculation, filtration, chlorination and pH correction.

Therapy pool, thermal 1

Areas of application:

  • Dry, irritated, inflamed skin, itching and allergies
  • Musculoskeletal system (joints, spine, muscles)

We are happy to advise you and ask you to book early by telephone at +43 3326 500 9310 or email

Pools for hotel guests only

Oasis of retreat

As a hotel guest, in addition to the amenities of the Allegria family thermal baths, you can also enjoy the very private area of the Thermal whisper baths (for ages 15 and over) as an oasis of retreat.
Shielded from the bustle of the Allegria family thermal baths, you can relax in the hotel’s Thermal whisper baths which offers a 160 m² spa pool that is partly covered and partly in the open. The comfortable indoor loungers and outdoor beach chairs invite you to sit back and relax after a soothing bath.

Pools in the Thermal whisper baths:

  • Indoor pool, thermal 2 32° C
  • Outdoor pool, thermal 2 33° C

Pools in the Allegria Yin Yang Spa:

  • Yin, fresh water 20° C
  • Yang, thermal 2 34° C