Bathing rules

Dear Guests,


the ALLEGRIA FAMILY THERMAL BATHS in Stegersbach thinks of itself as your partner in rest and relaxation. We constantly strive to provide you with a balanced range and quality service.  For this reason, we would ask you to consider the following points as part of your stay in the ALLEGRIA FAMILY THERMAL BATHS in Stegersbach so that you and the other thermal spring guests can spend as relaxing a day with us as possible.


1. General rules

a) When accessing the thermal spring, you contractually acknowledge these bathing rules and all associated hygiene and
safety instructions.
b) Smoking in the thermal spring and sauna area is strictly prohibited.
Smoking is permitted in the special smoking area in the thermal spring restaurant.
c) Containers made of glass may NOT be taken into the bathing area, without exception.
d) Every thermal spring guest must behave in such a way that no other guest feels inconvenienced.
e) The instructions of the thermal spring staff must be followed without fail.
If necessary, in the event of disorderly conduct, the person concerned will be warned and may also be removed from the thermal spring area without any claim for reimbursement of the entry fee.
f) All thermal spring facilities and equipment must be used carefully.
g) The barricade fences and turnstiles of the thermal spring facility may not be climbed over.
h) Please only enter the thermal spring snack bar in a bathrobe and slippers.
Bringing your own food into the bathing area and into the thermal spring snack bar is prohibited.


2. Opening times and prices

a) The respective prices and opening times apply according to the notice board in the till and entrance area of the thermal spring. Last entry is at 8 pm and in the high season periods at 9 pm. Take a view to the high season periods.
b) Reimbursement of the entry fee is not possible.
c) Bathing guests receive a chip arm band (data carrier) upon entering the thermal spring or the sauna which is to be stored carefully during your stay. Each payment at the thermal spring till takes place with a receipt which is given to the guest. The receipt identifies the chip number if the data carrier is lost. With the purchase of the entry card and receiving of the receipt, you accept our bathing rules.
d) The loss of the chip arm band without proof of receipt is charged at a loss fee of € 150 without exception and the lost
data carrier is invalid as a result. € 12 is charged for the lost data carrier with proof of receipt.


3. Accident and liability

a) The following points must be observed to reduce the risk of accidents:
- no jumping from the edge of the pool or diving into the water
- no reckless swimming or the use of sports equipment
(e.g. flippers)
- no walking or running on the pool parapets
- use bathing slippers in the entire thermal spring and sauna area
- using eye protection glasses (goggles) is at your own risk.
b) In the event of accidents, the thermal spring shall initiate the necessary assistance with the help of the staff responsible
within reasonable bounds.
c) All accidents, theft or complaints must be reported to the thermal spring staff immediately.
d) Toys may only be used in the outside area under supervision of the parents or the accompanying supervisors. All information and restrictions are continually monitored by our trained staff.
e) The use of all facilities in the thermal spring and sauna are undertaken at your own responsibility.
Parents are responsible for their children.
f) The Allegria Family thermal baths in Stegersbach is NOT liable for damages which are caused by disobeying bathing rules, all other user regulations e.g. solariums, thermal spring staff instructions or due to your own fault.
g) The operator is not liable for Force Majeure and unforeseeable circumstances or for defects which are not immediately
acknowledged even when following ordinary care.
h) The operator or its employees are liable for damages to persons, objects or financial losses only in the case of intent or
gross negligence.  This is also valid for vehicles parked in the designated parking spaces of the thermal spring.
i) Valuables are to be kept in the correct rental lockers as otherwise no liability is assumed in the event of loss or theft.


4. Lost property

a) Lost property must always be handed into the thermal spring tills or to thermal spring staff.
b) The handing over of lost property to its owner takes place exclusively at the till area upon presentation of a valid photo ID card and after a description of the object against the signature and entry in the lost and found book is carried out.


5. Use of the baths and the sauna

a) Entering the wet areas in the entire thermal spring facilities with street shoes is strictly forbidden.
b) For hygiene reasons, we must request that you shower before using the facilities.
c) Foot disinfecting facilities must be used when entering and leaving the thermal spring.
d) The use of soap, shampoo or detergents and the washing of bathing suits in the bathing pool as well as dirtying the pool is strictly forbidden.
e) Waste bins provided must be used for rubbish throughout the thermal spring and sauna areas.
f) The use of the sauna room is permitted only with a sufficiently large lounging towel. Dirtying the benches by sweating should be avoided.  Towels must be taken with you when leaving the sauna room. All drying of towels or washing in the sauna room or on radiators in other rooms is prohibited considering the air deterioration caused as a result.
g) Please note the special user information of the sauna facilities and, in particular, the solariums.


6. Bathing prohibition

a) Persons with infectious illnesses are in particular completely banned from bathing: e.g. children's illnesses such as chickenpox or contagious skin diseases such as cutaneous fungus.
b) Relative bathing prohibition for persons with diseases of the cardiovascular system, blood vessels (in particular venous circulatory disorders and thromboembolic diseases) as well as all illnesses which do not allow the application of heat.
c) In cases of doubt, consult a doctor before visiting the thermal spring.


7. Concluding remarks

The Allegria Family thermal baths employees in Stegersbach are instructed to behave in a courteous manner towards bathing guests, but however to act in the general interest with emphasis on the compliance of the instructions given. Each type of commercial activity or advertisement in the bathing area requires the approval of the owner.
The house and bathing rules apply for the whole thermal spring operation. Exceptions from these bathing rules may be allowed for special events without the need for a special waiver of these bathing rules.


We wish you a relaxing stay!

The Management

Allegria thermal baths in Stegersbach