Sauna bar and Thermal snack bar

Don’t forget to eat and drink!

After a long bath a small snack does you good. In the Thermal snack bar you can enjoy freshly prepared meals from local produce as well as refreshing drinks. The spa snack bar is always open.

After a lot of fun in the water and on the slides it is time to refuel.

Here our thermal snack bar in the Allegria family thermal baths offers healthy and tasty cooking.

In addition to vitamin-rich wok dishes, salads and the ever-popular Wiener Schnitzel with fries are also offered. The homemade, juicy burger or the homemade strudel with vanilla sauce will make your mouth water.

The thermal baths snack bar prepares daily tasty delicacies for you.

For all those who like it hot and want to stay in the sauna, we also offer refreshments to help cool you down. Visit our sauna bar, open every day.

Here you find all information about the opening hours.

Delicious ice cream from organic milk

all year round in the snack bar at the thermal baths

SIT UP AND TAKE NOTE! The snack bar in the Allegria Resort Stegersbach by Reiters now also boasts a fantastic GELATERIA with first class varieties of ice cream provided by Greissler from Krumbach in Lower Austria. 16 top-quality flavours of ice cream are now available to choose from. We offer everything from the classic varieties, such as vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and hazelnut, to special variations such as dark soya chocolate, pumpkin seed oil, grey poppy seeds and goat’s cheese.

As ice-cream maker Georg Blochberger says, “We make good old honest-to-God ice cream. With the full fruit and the best organic milk. If the quality of the ingredients is excellent, you can safely dispense with food colourings and other additives.”

The best thing of all is that this “country ice cream” is available in the Allegria family thermal baths in Stegersbach all year round.

Pizzeria da Fabio

Italian flair at the Family Thermal Baths

Pizzaiolo Fabio prepares Sicilian pizzas for our bathing visitors and our hotel guests. The pizza dough uses an especially fine flour and the tomato sauce is based on a Sicilian recipe.

From margherita to classic prosciutto, salami, tonno or quattro stagioni pizza, or even a special Allegria pizza with prosciutto, parmesan and rocket, there’s something for every taste. And there’s the vegetariana to excite all vegetable lovers.

Buon appetito!