Beauty & Massages

Do you like going for a massage? Why not go to aquafloating!

“Dolce Vita for massages and beauty” covers the whole spectrum of manual therapies, also available for day guests: classic massage, LaStone, lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy oil. Individually tailored spa packages for couples, children and adults are also part of the programme as well as beauty treatments. Still not beautiful enough? Hard to imagine. But why not try a thermal spring floating treatment anyway.

Our Dolce Vita is the place of pampering and security!

Our Dolce Vita is the place for pampering and comfort!

Massage, beauty and spa treatments - you can find everything for your well-being and relaxation here.

Take time to pamper your body and soul and recharge your batteries again! There is also something for men and children. Professional beauty and cosmetics experts inform and advise you about the whole range of fine beauty lines - Phytomer, Vinoble Cosmetics and Gertraud Gruber as well as cosmetic extras. A wide range of massages, soothing wraps and body treatments guarantee a completely new body feeling (e.g. exclusive aquafloating - using buoyancy aids in healing water). Scrubs provide a deep pore purity of the skin, relaxing packages for hours of relaxation for two, are special pampering for body, mind and soul.

The Dolce Vita is open to all Allegria Hotel guests and to Allegria family thermal baths guests.

Please note: If you are unable to make your appointment, it must be cancelled no later than 8 hours before the treatment. For cancellations up to 3 hours before each treatment 50% of the price will be charged. Please understand that we otherwise must charge the full amount of the treatment.

Here are our most popular treatments:

  • Partial-body massage, 30 minutes
  • Full-body massage, 50 minutes
  • Breuss massage, 30 minutes
  • Pedicure, 40 minutes
  • Phytomer classic, 70 minutes

Our Dolce Vita offers an extensive selection of revitalizing massage and cosmetic treatments. We will be glad to advise you about our variety of offers/treatments at phone +43 3326 500 9310.

Wellness for kids and teens

Massage or relaxing care treatments for the youngest guests for ages 3 years and over

Whether large or small guests, everyone loves to be pampered. Moments of rest and relaxation are good for children and parents as well.

Badolin massage (3 to 14 years)
During this massage, the muscles are very gently loosened up with fragrant oils.
20 minutes€ 24,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 26,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)
with chocolate oil
20 minutes€ 26,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 28,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)
Children´s foam massage
Relaxing massage experience with warm lather.                          
25 minutes€ 31,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 33,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)
Instant princesses (up to 14 years)
Cleansing, steam, mask, finishing treatment, nail polish and a little surprise.
30 minutes€ 35,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 37,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)
Children´s foot or hand care (up to 14 years)
Soothing herbal bath with massage, manicure or pedicure with massage and individual polish.
25 minutes€ 29,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 32,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)
25 minutes€ 26,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 29,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)


Teen facial

For anyone up to the age of 18 in need of special care.
Cleansing, peel, exfoliation, removal of impurities, high-frequency, mask and finishing treatment.

60 minutes€ 59,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 62,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)

SKIN SCRUBBER for a beautiful skin

Penetration of active substances with low-frequency ultrasound

The skin scrubber works with low-frequency ultrasound, a new method with excellent results. At the same time, the micro-massage improves the elasticity of the skin, and the flow of lymph is stimulated. After the application, the skin is optimally moisturised with a long-lasting effect and supplied with active ingredients. 

Especially suitable for sufferers from rosacea!

Skin Scrubber DELUXE
Exclusive facial treatment
Skin diagnosis, cleansing, peel, skin scrubber, deep cleansing, deep moisturising, plasticising mask, finishing treatment.
90 minutes€ 104,00 (Mon-Fri)€ 108,00 (Sat, Sun & public holidays)